Workshop and Tutorials Schedule

Saturday Morning W1. WEED (Program) W2. WIOSCA W3. WARP W4. AMAS-BT W11. BiC
Saturday Afternoon W5. CMP-MSI T1. FutMEM
Sunday Morning W6. ACLD W7. PESPMA (Program) W8. MoBS-5 W10. WEMT T2. ADSE
Sunday Afternoon T3. MASD W9. WDDD W12. CARD-2


  1. WEED: Workshop on Energy Efficient Design (Program)
  2. WIOSCA 09: 5th Annual Workshop on the Interaction between Operating System and Computer Architecture
  3. WARP 09: 4th Workshop on Architectural Research Prototyping
  4. AMAS-BT: 2nd Workshop on Architectural and Micro-Architectural Support for Binary Translation
  5. CMP-MSI: 3rd Workshop on Chip Multiprocessor Memory Systems and Interconnects
  6. ACLD: Architectural Concerns in Large Datacenters
  7. PESPMA: Workshop on Parallel Execution of Sequential Programs on Multi-core Architectures
  8. MoBS-5: Fifth Workshop on Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation
  9. WDDD: Workshop on Duplicating, Deconstructing and Debunking
  10. WEMT: Workshop on Emerging Memory Technologies
  11. BiC: Workshop on Biomedicine in Computing: Systems, Architectures, and Circuits
  12. CARD-2: Second Workshop on Computer Architecture Research Directions


  1. ADSE: Architectural Design for Soft Errors
    Shubu Mukherjee, Joel Emer (Intel)
  2. FutMEM: Scalability Challenges for Future Memory Subsystems
    Hillery Hunter, Viji Srinivasan, Kenneth Wright (IBM)
  3. MASD: Manageability-Aware Systems Design
    Matteo Monchiero, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Vanish Talwar (HP Labs)